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Parent Testimonials Regarding Career Ready Education

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Customer testimonial from New Jersey.....


Eva Marie Foxwell’s Managing the Classroom is single-handedly the best teaching resource I have ever come across for business education. In this book, Foxwell discusses basic classroom management techniques that have worked for her while teaching business. However, the gold mine in this book was the use of business roles for students in the classroom. To translate real-world business techniques outside of the classroom, the teacher becomes the CEO and students vote on job roles during the first few days of school.


For example, students vote on a Communication Director who then will make all of the announcements for the day and read the standards and objectives for the day. Other roles include Assistant Managers, Public Relations Directors, etc.


When there is a student productivity or behavior issue, the Assistant Managers handle it directly as a way of policing the classroom, instead of the teacher (CEO) or their grades will be affected. This type of classroom environment would qualify for a “Highly Effective” on the Danielson Model when students get involved and even police their own classroom.


The Public Relations Director is responsible for posting the Agenda for the class period on a school approved Twitter Account to get experience working with the public outside and get a feel for marketing skills. The Public Relations Director might also take pictures of class activities to post (with signed student permission forms for pictures, of course).


There are many more job roles and other tidbits of information, but it is an amazing resource that even non-business educators can use effectively."


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