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Author    and    CEO

Mrs. Foxwell obtained her teaching degree at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and she is currently the CEO of the Career Ready Education Foundation assisting teachers and students all over the world. 

She has an abundance of experience in teaching, as well as over 29 years of business management, education, operations, and marketing experience. Her banking industry position enabled her to gain the knowledge, as far as, management and education skills, but also gained the knowledge to successfully converse with customers in Collections, Fraud Detection, Telemarketing, Credit Acquisition, and Customer Service. Innovativeness, resourcefulness and critical thinking consistently played a dominate role in all of her positions, so she wants her students to understand how those specific characteristics impact overall production. As her experience as an Operations Manager in the Insurance industry unfolded, she learned the entrepreneurship aspect part of a business. She enjoys transferring her entrepreneur skills to expand all of her students' business knowledge. 

Mrs. Foxwell's continuing education classes include; Career and Technical Education, Advanced Instructional Design, Managing the Classroom, Interviewing, Differentiated Instruction, Connecting with Students, Operating Multiple Sites, Managing the Efforts of Others, Customer Awareness, Leadership Institute, Management Development, People Development, Best Demonstrated Practices, Advanced Instructional Design and Development, Performance Appraisals, Manager Orientation, Creating the Environment, Time Management, Performance Management, Effective Feedback, Managing Up, People Orientation, Evaluation Workshop, Advanced Facilitation Workshop, Interviewing, Multi Media Technology, and Smart Board.

She is proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Lotus Notes, Web 2.0, WIX, Smart Notebook, Magna, Pixie and Paint, ZOOM, and Canvas.


Mrs. Foxwell participates as an advisor for Business Professionals of America, Meals on Wheels, March of Dimes, Adopt A Family, Attack Addiction, Foundation Walk, Thanksgiving Food Drives, The Boys and Girls Club of Delaware, Bowl A Thon, and the Buddy Walk for Down Syndrome.


Mrs. Foxwell enjoys coaching High School and youth boys basketball, reading, cooking, spending time with her family, and buying antiques.


Mrs. Foxwell's passion for learning is an attribute that she instills in all her students. She has the ability to exhibit "REAL LIVE SCENARIOS" in the classroom, thus making the curriculum come to life. Mrs. Foxwell displays positive interactions and communicates the importance of exceeding goals in order for a brighter future to occur for her students. She expresses to her students, "If you work hard in life, good things will follow."  Mrs. Foxwell has the ability to connect with her students and encourage them to learn at a high level and prepare them for future work and life experiences. She looks forward to every school year with her students.

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