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Eva Foxwell’s twenty years of business excellence has helped her create this curriculum guide that named her a Delaware Superstar Education Winner and a Teen Ink Magazine Educator of the Year.


234 pages of "REAL WORLD" ready-to-use lesson plans, warm-ups, worksheets, group activities, role-plays, assignments, rubrics, and assessments at your fingertips. This curriculum guide is also included in a MEGA bundle for all 4 Career Ready Education Curriculum guides:


UNIT A - Career Exploration

  • Career Mapping- Summative Assessment
  • Career Assessments
  • Researching Jobs - Summative Assessment
  • Career research slide show and PowerPoint presentation
  • Career Research Graphing - Summative Assessment
  • High School Learning Plan - Summative Assessment
  • Summative Paddle Game Review
  • Career Map Parent presentation Role-Play - Summative Assessment
  • Career Map Presentations
  • Final Exam with Answer Key


UNIT B - Job Applications

  • Job Application Packet and Interview - Summative Assessment
  • Researching Job Opportunities
  • Resume Writing - Summative Assessment
  • Cover Letter Writing - Summative Assessment
  • Job Application Follow-up Email
  • Job Interview Questions and Answers - Summative Assessment
  • Job Interview Preparation
  • Company Profile PowerPoint Slide Show - Summative Assessment
  • Company Profile Presentation
  • Mock Interview - Summative Assessment
  • Final Exam with Answer Key


UNIT C - Personal Finance

  • Personal Finance Reflection - Summative Assessment
  • Understanding Income
  • Understanding Expenses
  • Creating a Balanced Budge
  • Final Exam with Answer Key
  • Course Conclusion


Teaching Career Exploration is a curriculum guide for new and experienced instructors who want a structured yet flexible outline for teaching in Business and Technology. Eva Marie Foxwell’s lessons are designed with a focus on giving teachers dynamic and interactive lessons, guided learning ideas, detailed assignments, formative and summative assessments, and a wealth of classroom material. For students, this curriculum guide is designed to provide space to think, reflect, create, and collaborate toward formal projects that engage real-world business expectations. Teachers are encouraged to use these templates as strictly or loosely as they wish. There can be any level of deviation, customization, or combination that works best for your grade level, reading level, business resources, business community, administrative support, and collaborative possibilities at your school.



Teaching Career Exploration (Print format)

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