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Eva Foxwell’s twenty years of business excellence has helped her create this curriculum guide that named her a Delaware Superstar Education Winner and a Teen Ink Magazine Educator of the Year.


377 pages of ready-to-use lesson plans, warm-ups, worksheets, group activities, role-plays, assignments, rubrics, and assessments at your fingertips.


This curriculum guide is also included in a MEGA bundle for all 4 Career Ready Education Curriculum guides:



  • How to Use this Curriculum Guide
  • Setting Up Your Classroom
  • Weekly Keyboarding and Binder Checks
  • Weekly Keyboarding: Teacher Overview
  • Weekly Keyboarding: Student Homework
  • Typing to the Top Monthly Contest

Binder Check: Teacher Overview

Binder Check: Student Homework

Unit A Active Listening

Unit A Overview

  • Assignment A: Active Listening Conference Presentation Summary
  • Assignment A Rubric: Summative Assessment

LESSON 1: Active Listening Definition

LESSON 2: Active Listening Whisper Game

LESSON 3: “The Wright Family” Active Listening Game

LESSON 4: “Blind for the Day” Listening Activity

  • Note Taking: The Cornell Notes System

LESSON 5: Microsoft Paint Listening Activity

LESSON 6: Line up in Birthday Order Class Activity

  • Assignment A.7: Partner Profile
  • Assignment A.7: Summative Assessment Rubric

LESSON 7: Writing Interview Questions

LESSON 8: Conducting Partner Interviews

LESSON 9: Writing Your Partner Profile Assignment

LESSON 10: Active Listening Conference Plan and Schedule

Unit B: Leadership

Unit B Overview

  • Assignment B: Conference Flyer
  • Assignment B Rubric: Summative Assessment

LESSON 11: Defining Leadership

LESSON 12: Six Leadership Styles

LESSON 13: Leadership Questionnaire and Self-Assessment

Study Skills and Test Preparation

LESSON 14: Leadership and Mentoring Activity

LESSON 15: Matching Leadership Definitions

LESSON 16: School Improvement Leadership Memo

  • Assignment B.16: School Improvement Memo
  • Assignment B.16 Summative Assessment

LESSON 17: Group Conference Flyer

Unit C: Time Management

Unit C Overview

  • Assignment C: Time Management Presentation Script
  • Assignment C Rubric: Summative Assessment

LESSON 18: What is Time Management?

LESSON 19: Desert Island Activity: A Time Management Test

LESSON 20: Weekly Planner Time Management

LESSON 21: Time Management Definition

LESSON 22: Time Management Quadrants

LESSON 23: To Do Lists

LESSON 24: Time Management Shadowing and Observation

LESSON 25: Conference Presentation Script

Unit D: Problem Solving

Unit D Overview

  • Assignment D: Conference Presentation PowerPoint Slide show
  • Assignment D Rubric: Summative Assessment

LESSON 26: Introduction to Problem Solving

LESSON 27: Problem Solving Step 1: Defining the Problem

LESSON 28: Problem Solving Step 2: Generate Alternative Solutions

LESSON 29: Problem Solving Step 3: Examine the Alternative Solutions

LESSON 30: Problem Solving Step 4: Implement a Solution

LESSON 31: Introduction to Creating a PowerPoint Slide Show

Unit E: Issue Campaign

Unit E Overview

  • Assignment E: Conference
  • Assignment E Rubric: Summative Assessment

LESSON 32: Planning a Conference: Seeing the Big Picture

LESSON 33: Group Organization and Task Delegation

LESSON 34: Business Soft Skills Conference Schedule

LESSON 35: Business Soft Skills Conference Flyer

LESSON 36: Business Soft Skills Conference Participation Certificates

LESSON 37: Business Soft Skills Conference Presentation Script

LESSON 38: Business Soft Skills Conference PowerPoint Slide Show

LESSON 39: Business Soft Skills Conference Final Planning

LESSON 40: Business Soft Skills Conference Reflections

Unit F: Final Exam

Unit F Overview

LESSON 41: Final Exam Review Paddle Board Game

LESSON 42: Business Soft Skills Final Exam

Final Exam Answer Key

Course Conclusion


Teaching Business Soft Skills is Eva Marie Foxwell's third book. This curriculum guide is for new and experienced instructors who want a structured yet flexible outline for teaching in Business and Technology. Eva Marie Foxwell's lessons are designed with a focus on giving teachers dynamic and interactive lessons, guided learning ideas, detailed assignments, formative and summative assessments, and a wealth of classroom material.

For students, this curriculum guide is designed to provide space to think, reflect, create, and
collaborate toward formal projects that engage real-world business expectations.

Teachers are encouraged to use these templates as strictly or loosely as they wish. There can be any level of deviation, customization, or combination that works best for your grade level, reading level, business resources, business community, administrative support, and collaborative possibilities at your school. It is therefore highly recommended that teachers read through this entire curriculum guide before the beginning of the year, in order to assess for themselves the best way to use the provided materials.

Teaching Business Soft Skills (Print format)

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