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Eva Foxwell’s twenty years of business excellence has helped her create this curriculum guide that named her a Delaware Superstar Education Winner and a Teen Ink Magazine Educator of the Year.


377 pages of ready-to-use lesson plans, warm-ups, worksheets, group activities, role-plays, assignments, rubrics, and assessments at your fingertips.


This curriculum guide is also included in a MEGA bundle for all 4 Career Ready Education Curriculum guides:



  • How to Use this Curriculum Guide
  • Setting Up Your Classroom
  • Weekly Keyboarding and Binder Checks
  • Weekly Keyboarding: Teacher Overview
  • Weekly Keyboarding: Student Homework
  • Typing to the Top Monthly Contest

Binder Check: Teacher Overview

Binder Check: Student Homework

Unit A Active Listening

Unit A Overview

  • Assignment A: Active Listening Conference Presentation Summary
  • Assignment A Rubric: Summative Assessment

LESSON 1: Active Listening Definition

LESSON 2: Active Listening Whisper Game

LESSON 3: “The Wright Family” Active Listening Game

LESSON 4: “Blind for the Day” Listening Activity