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*****THIS FORM IS A MUST *****As we all know, having a substitute can be frustrating at times. I decided to create a Substitute END OF THE DAY feedback form that I attach to the end of my lesson plans so I am able to review the performance of my students, as well as the performance of the substitute once I returned to work. As soon as the substitute realizes he or she needs to observe the student progress throughout the day by documenting on the feedback form, he or she becomes more engaged and establishes a more productive day for the students.

Upon my return, I have a team meeting to discuss how the day progressed and the feedback form gives me insight on student performance, whether it was positive and/or not so positive. I discuss the feedback form that the substitute filled out and we talk about what was great and how situations could have possibly been better. It allows the students to problem solve and figure out what they need to do next time to ensure the day runs more smoothly. It also gives me the opportunity to thank the students that assisted in making the day more manageable for the substitute and then discuss behavioral issues with students that may have had some challenges.

Substitute End of the Day FEEDBACK FORM

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