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This lesson focuses on students remembering 9/11 and gaining facts and research about what happened on that tragic event day. She students will have the opportunity to create a business flyer to inform others about the incidences of events throughout the day. This lesson could be for students that have already learned the basics of Microsoft WORD and/or students that are new to Microsoft WORD. Students will research information on the 9/11 website and provide facts and research on their 9/11 business flyer.



• Computer

• Internet

• Microsoft WORD Worksheet

• Business flyer Rubric

• Paper and pencil to take notes during teacher instruction


TIME 1 day for students that already know the basics of Microsoft WORD and 2 days for new students.



· Students will research the 5 topics on the 9/11 the website.

· Students will learn the basics of Microsoft Office WORD and/or review the basics of Microsoft WORD and incorporate it into a classroom activity that will summarize the 9/11 event.

· Students will review the business flyer rubric expectations and check off the tasks that they complete.

· Students will create a 9/11 business flyer that summarizes the 9/11 event and provides colors, pictures, shapes, bulleting, bolding, italicizing, text, tables, font, font size, text boxes, shading, gradient, alignment, and text box line weight.

Remembering 9/11 while creating a Business Flyer

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