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UNIT D has been extracted from the Teaching Entrepreneurship curriculum guide and is for new and experienced instructors who want a structured yet flexible outline for teaching in Business and Technology. This unit takes between 3 1/2 weeks and 4 weeks. This will take place after the students create a business plan. THIS UNIT IS THE MOST MEMORABLE FOR THE STUDENTS AND PREPARES THEM TREMENDOUSLY FOR THEIR FUTURE CAREER.


Hosting a Business Networking Event As A Group

The final course unit from the Teaching Entrepreneurship curriculum guide centers around the Business Networking Event, which students will plan, organize, execute, and reflect upon. The Networking Event will ask all students to showcase their businesses, share their business plan and marketing portfolio, and present themselves professionally among their peers, teachers, staff, administrators, and local business leaders.


This event requires teachers to do some planning ahead, so please be sure to review

each lesson and component before beginning the unit, and ensure your school has

the appropriate resources for you to conduct this event.


Unit D will be a capstone of skills and projects, during which students will focus on

gaining skills in business decorum, professional behavior, appropriate attire,

networking etiquette, public speaking, presentation, teamwork, task delegation,

project management, multi-tasking, work ethic, and effective communication.


What Teachers Need to Plan Ahead of the Networking Event:

  1. Secure a date, time, and location for the event. Make sure the location can accommodate all your students, materials, and guests.
  2. Secure participation from your fellow teachers and school leaders.
  3. Secure participation from your local business leaders.
  4. Decide if you want to have one large even for all your class periods, or have separate events for each class.
  5. Decide if you want to ask for parental help and involvement, then create notices and requests to send home during Unit C.
  6. Secure technical assistance, set-up assistance, maintenance and facilities assistance, and any necessary security.


Eva Marie Foxwell’s lessons are designed with a focus on giving teachers dynamic and interactive lessons, guided learning ideas, detailed assignments, formative and summative assessments, and a wealth of classroom material.


For students, this curriculum guide is designed to provide space to think, reflect, create, and collaborate toward formal projects that engage real-world business expectations.


Teachers are encouraged to use these templates as strictly or loosely as they wish. There can be any level of deviation, customization, or combination that works best for your grade level, reading level, business resources, business community, administrative support, and collaborative possibilities at your school.


Learning to create strong, effective, and visually appealing marketing materials requires exposure to copious examples—both good and bad. Students should feel free to research and explore on their own, and share samples of what they find.




The Business Networking Event at BSS has become a must attend for me. I am so impressed with the work of the 7th grade students in the development of their business plans and the level of detail involved. Each year I have parents share that they wish they had a course like this in High School or College. As impressive as the business knowledge is the development of the student’s soft skills and how professionally they interact with adults during the event. Mrs. Foxwell is an extraordinary teacher and the Business Networking Event is a great demonstration of the student’s achievements…Hugh Broomall, Deputy Superintendent of Red Clay Consolidated Schools


I was amazed with the work and knowledge the 7th graders had about starting their own business.  They completed an entire business from the ground up.  I believe some of the things my son learned, I did not learn until I was in college as a business major.  I was thoroughly impressed with the leadership from Mrs. Foxwell.  My son created the business of his dreams!"…Katie Moran-Alvarez _____________________________________________________________________________________

Wow! I was truly in awe seeing our kids interacting with such confidence and enthusiasm. This Technology class has been differently a wonderful building block for our future leaders. Mrs. Foxwell you certainly have a brilliant way of teaching. Thank you!... Proud Parent of BSS _________________________________________________________________________________________

All the kids did a great job at presenting their businesses and they really enjoyed the learning experience, which will follow them the rest of their lives… Wendy Jones



I thought the event really showed the students how much work, planning and detail goes into creating a business.  It was good for my daughter to recognize this reality going forward, as it will help her determine whether she should work for someone else or start a business of her own. Thanks for your hard work in organizing such a project for the students.  The event went well beyond typical classroom learning, and is the kind of teaching methodology that we need to have more of in our public schools…Alok Shekhar


I see such progress in children being prepared to promote their business.  Each child had a poster, a place to speak and business cards.  The business “give-a-ways” were so well done.  I felt that it was at a real business convention/exposition.  Well done!  The children demonstrated they had learned some very valuable life skills for their future.  Thank you…Barbara  Keir  _________________________________________________________________________________________

The students were courteous, professional and knowledgeable.  Their business plans showed tremendous forethought.  I look forward to walking in to one of their businesses 15 years from now!...Sam Golder / Director of Secondary School for Red Clay Consolidated Schools



I was so proud to see the hard work she and the other kids put into it.  I am happy to see Julia learning skills that will benefit her, not just in class, but also for the rest of her life.  I wanted to commend you again on such an amazing curriculum.  I have several friends who are teachers and I have the utmost respect for what you do, and I don’t think you all hear enough what an important job you do and how grateful we as parents are for it.  I just wanted to get in touch with you again to let you know how impressed I am with the work you are doing…..Christine Snyder



REAL WORLD LIFE SKILLS Hosting a Business Networking Event with your students

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