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You will learn the SECRET to high level learning when you integrate Business Manager jobs within your classroom.



Career-Ready “Blueprint” Guide for K-12 teachers (This DOES NOT take place of a current curriculum)

  • It creates a work-based and student-centered classroom

  • It creates a “WE COMMUNITY” environment

  • It enhances student behavior because of manager jobs accountability

  • It prepares students for their future career

  • It provides life skills that students will utilize for the remainder of their lives

  • Students finally find a purpose in the classroom



1. The Boss / Teacher

2. Assistant Managers

3. Communication Managers

4. Project Managers

5. Quality Assurance Managers

6. Marketing Managers

7. Transition Managers

8. Attendance Managers

9. Scribe Managers

10. Timekeeper Managers


With this resource, you now have access to a revolutionary business manager classroom job strategy that will transform your classroom in a positive and bustling business environment. These specific “REAL WORLD” and work-based classroom jobs make a lasting impression on the students and they experience “LIFE SKILLS” that will prepare them for a successful career. This strategy has won numerous awards and was recognized for revolutionizing a "REAL WORLD" idea that students will showcase for the rest of their lives.


  • Teachers will understand how to co-teach with students

  • Teachers will understand how to implement a work-based learning classroom

  • Teachers will learn about the secret to higher-level learning

  • Teachers will learn how to allocate business managers for their own classroom

  • Teachers will learn about the responsibilities of a boss

  • Teachers will understand that all classrooms will not look exactly the same for this strategy

  • Will understand the secret to higher-level learning



  • Time Management

  • Active Listener

  • Multi-Tasker

  • Organized

  • Self Motivated

  • Self Confident

  • Critical Thinker

  • Cognitive Flexibility

  • Time Management

  • Active Listener

  • Multi-Tasker

  • Organized

  • Self Motivated

  • Self Confident

  • Critical Thinker

  • Cognitive Flexibility

  • Creative

  • Decision Maker

  • Service Oriented

  • Confident Presenter

  • Goal Oriented

  • People Manager

  • Computer Skills Knowledge

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Resourceful


Praise for Eva Foxwell’s Methodology and Outcomes


After having one child go through classes with Mrs. Foxwell, I feel she has prepared my child for real life experiences. She is an exceptional teacher. She incorporates real life situations into her teachings. When my eldest daughter went to high school and took a transition class for job hunting and working, the instructor was floored at what she knew how to do. She was asked where she learned how to do a résumé, to interview, and already knew how to start a business etc. The instructor asked my daughter to bring in the work Mrs. Foxwell had her do. After the instructor and another teacher reviewed her work, I received a phone call and was told that Jordan was even more prepared then what they were going to teach her. They said what was taught was at an extremely high standard and couldn't believe it was middle school. Proud BSS Parent

My son has had Mrs. Foxwell for business technology in both seventh and eighth grade.  His experience as a student and my experience as a parent have been nothing but positive. Mrs. Foxwell is energetic and engaging when introducing concepts and explaining ideas; her daily activities encourage students to apply their knowledge and make connections among ideas; and finally, Mrs. Foxwell’s projects take learning to the ultimate level, forcing students to evaluate their knowledge and create top notch projects and assignments. From the business technology perspective, my son is adequately prepared for high school thanks to such an amazing, dedicated, enthusiastic teacher. Proud BSS Parent

*DIGITAL* Real world life skills Business Manager Jobs for Middle/High School

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