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These lessons focus on the skill of Leadership, which actually involves several different skill sets. Effective leaders possess strong communication, empathy, collaboration, listening, humor, and many other qualities necessary to command attention, delegate responsibility, set strategic vision, give feedback, manage teams, and take responsibility.
Students will define and write about their favorite leader. Not everyone is a natural leader, and everyone has a different leadership style. Students are not encouraged to all become one image of a leader. Instead, they will explore and test their personality traits, character tendencies, strengths, and fears, to better understand themselves and thereby adapt to leadership situations and demands.
We all know time management is one of the most challenging skills that ALL people have a difficult time managing and that is why I incorporated this lesson into my classroom.
Students will create and use a Weekly Organizer, and reflect on whether their time management improves over the course of one week of carefully tracking and scheduling their time. You can have students create their Weekly Organizer during one class period, preferably on a Friday, then require them to show you their planner every day for the following week while you move on to subsequent lessons.
You can also make the weekly planner a homework grade to analyze and observe their activity throughout the week. Once students complete this lesson, they become more aware of managing their time more effectively and begin to prioritize the important tasks that need to be completed. THIS IS A WIN, WIN, WIN, for the students!
The purpose of this lesson is to educate students on the importance of having a good attitude and how it affects performance on a daily basis.
The worksheet is simple and easy to fit in any curriculum, especially if you have various students with a negative attitude and it seems as though the class may not be responding to their peers in the most respectful way. This will enable the students to understand how an good attitude provides positive outcomes and will assist in advancing them further on life. This lesson is a WIN, WIN for all!
Performance indicators are listed in the lesson plan.
Why Organization Matters
Students must get organized and stay organized in order to prepare for the professional world.
Imagine your supervisor requests a form without warning—you will be expected to access it immediately. Or a colleague might require a piece of work to contribute to a project, and you will need to find it in a timely manner to contribute to the project’s success. At any time, you or a coworker may need to access financial data, emails, correspondences, transactions, bills, contracts, or any number of business records. It only takes a few minutes a day to maintain good organization both at home and in the workplace.
Because organization is a crucial business soft skill, binder checks will be placed among the lessons roughly every two weeks.
There are endless reasons that good organization should be maintained both at home and in the workplace.

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