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To understand how to effectively integrate “REAL WORLD MANAGER JOBS” in this lesson, reference “Managing the Classroom” curriculum guide:



Students will experience this lesson on the first and/or second day of class and will become familiar with one another through a fun, interactive group icebreaker activity, while focusing on proper presentation and communication skills.



• Computer

• Smart Board


Student Objectives

• Students will complete the icebreaker warm up.

• Students will provide their own personal answers for the 4 P’s icebreaker.

• Students will learn about constructive criticism upon completion of their oral warm up answers to the class.

• Students will demonstrate manager positions as if in they were in the “REAL WORLD”.

• Students will create a Microsoft Office WORD document.



Students may receive help using Microsoft Office WORD with assigned peer mentors, when needed.

Guided Learning

Begin by having an exciting discussion about welcoming all the students to the class. Explain how working in a business is crucial to everyone working together as a team so there is a “WE” classroom. When students work together you can deliver more educational material and information to take students to a higher level of learning.

Basically, you are the Boss and the students are the managers as if it were in a real business environment.


Independent Practice

Students will go back to their desks and begin documenting their answers to the icebreaker warm up and verbally state their answers to the class. The lesson plan will provide specifics on the warm up and remainder of the lesson.



Students will share their reflections as a class and discuss their 4P’s icebreaker.


Formative Assessment

· Why do you feel you have to work cohesively in groups?

· What is constructive criticism and why is it important?

· Why should we create a “WE” classroom?



Instructional Area: Communication Skills

MS.06.05: Apply written directions to achieved tasks.

MS. 08.02: Utilize effective communication skills.

MS.08.12: Make team oral presentations

MS. 09.03: Format professional documents.

Instructional Area: Information Technology

MS.14.09: Demonstrate basic word processing skills.

MS.14.10: Demonstrate intermediate word processing skills.

Instructional Area: Business Professionals of America

MS. 18.01: Participate as a team member.

MS. 19.03: Provide directions for completing job/project tasks.

Icebreaker with Lesson Plans

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