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NOTE: This Career Exploration event is utilized AFTER students complete a résumé, cover letter, interview questions, and research the company of choice for a potential job. The resources for those specific lessons are listed below in the


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The objective for the event is to prepare students in the Business, Finance and Marketing sector, while focusing on performance-based skills that will be valuable to any career. Various business community individuals are chosen by the teacher and they assist with the implementation of this event.

There are three education sessions simultaneously transpiring throughout a one-hour time frame:

1. Interviewing

2. Video Interviewing

3. Job Offer Analogy

All business community participants interview students, as well as, lead a video interviewing and a job offer analogy seminar within 1 hour. Lesson plans are provided for all Business Community Volunteers and are located in this resource. See pages 6-7 for agendas.

All business participants currently understand what candidates need in order to obtain jobs in the marketplace and are able to provide guidance and support for the students. Eva Foxwell decided to integrate the business community for a “REAL WORLD” experience, thus allowing more time for the finance portion of her curriculum. Mrs. Foxwell’s curriculum provides 100% hands on learning that all students will be able to utilize for the rest of their lives. Her overall program is based on the understanding of what skills students need to perform at a high levels and encompasses written and oral communication skills, organization awareness, actively listening, problem solving, critical thinking, project analogies, collaboration, effective time management, intermediate Microsoft Office skills, business ethics and professionalism in the workplace. She continues to consistently improve her programs to provide a high-level education environment for her students.



Stepping Toward the Future Event Expectations

Completed Example of a Community Volunteer Agenda

Blank Community Volunteer Agenda

Stepping Toward the Future Tips

a. Student “TO DO LIST” before interview

b. Securing and communicating business community volunteers

c. Student business flyer examples

d. Designating bell ringers

e. Student dress attire expectations. This will be distributed to students prior to the event by the teacher

f. Student Career Choice Reference Worksheet for Interviewers


Iinterviewing DO NOT ENTER Sign

Example Interviewing

Blank Interviewing Agenda

Interviewer Facilitation Reference Key

Student Interviewing Rubric

Job Offer Analogy Seminar

Job Offer Analogy DO NOT ENTER Sign

Job Offer Analogy Facilitator Notes

Job Offer Analogy TIPS Worksheet

Video Interviewing Seminar

Video Interviewing DO NOT ENTER Sign

Video Interviewing Facilitator Tips

Day of and Day before Video Interviewing TIPS Worksheet

Stepping Toward the Future Summative Assessment

Interviewer Table Assignment signs

Stepping Toward the future example poster signs

Stepping Toward the Future bulletin board example

Stepping Toward the Future pictures from previous events

Stepping Toward the Future pictures of Community Volunteers

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After having one child go through classes with Mrs. Foxwell, I feel she has prepared my child for real life experiences. She is an exceptional teacher. She incorporates real life situations into her teachings. When my eldest daughter went to high school and took a transition class for job hunting and working, the instructor was floored at what she knew how to do. She was asked where she learned how to do a résumé, to interview, and already knew how to start a business etc. The instructor asked my daughter to bring in the work Mrs. Foxwell had her do. After the instructor and another teacher reviewed her work, I received a phone call and was told that Jordan was even more prepared then what they were going to teach her. They said what was taught was at an extremely high standard and couldn't believe it was middle school. Proud BSS Parent


My son has had Mrs. Foxwell for business technology in both seventh and eighth grade.  His experience as a student and my experience as a parent have been nothing but positive. Mrs. Foxwell is energetic and engaging when introducing concepts and explaining ideas; her daily activities encourage students to apply their knowledge and make connections among ideas; and finally, Mrs. Foxwell’s projects take learning to the ultimate level, forcing students to evaluate their knowledge and create top notch projects and assignments. From the business technology perspective, my son is adequately prepared for high school thanks to such an amazing, dedicated, enthusiastic teacher. Proud BSS Parent


Hosting a Career Exploraton Event (EDITABLE FOR DISTANCE LEARNING)