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Students will create a High School memory book for their specific class and either keep or share on graduation day.
• Rubric
• Markers and crayons
• Pictures
• Computer – If you choose to have the students complete this on the computer this document is editable
• Worksheets
  • First Day in 9th Grade
  • First Day in 10th Grade
  • First Day in 11th Grade
  • First Day in 12th Grade
  • High School Activities
  • High School Success Tips
  • What do you want people to remember about you?
  • What is your favorite quote?
  • What is my favorite worksheet for book, song artist, and song?
  • What is my favorite worksheet for TV Show, Ice Cream and Video Game?
  • Friends to Remember
  • Teachers to Remember
  • School to Remember
  • Best is Yet to Come
2- 3 days
Student Objectives
• Students will create a memory book about their graduating class.
• Students will utilize a rubric to determine the assignment requirements.
Students may receive help cutting out pictures.
Guided Learning
  • Review each page with the students and provide specific instructions for each worksheet.
  • You can provide the students with a packet of the memory book or you can have the students complete it on the computer since it is an editable version.
  • Have the students complete the assigned worksheets for their memory book ensuring each worksheet is in the order as you received it.
  • Tell the students to read the directions carefully before completing each worksheet.
  • Upon completion of the memory book assignment, all worksheets should be stapled and kept as a remembrance for that school year. You may provide a grade for the assignment if you wish since points are specified on each worksheet.
  • There is a total of 100 points that can be allotted for a grade.
Independent Practice
Students will begin working on completing each worksheet for their memory book.
Students will share their memory books with their teacher, parents, guardians or any other family member.
Formative or Summative Assessment
  • Did students create the memory book based on the specific criteria in each worksheet?
  • Have students review their completed memory book with their teacher, parents and/or guardian.
Instructional Area: Communication Skills
MS.06.05: Apply written directions to achieved tasks.
MS. 09.03: Format professional documents.
Instructional Area: Business Professionals of America
MS. 18.02: Use consensus-building skills.
MS. 19.03: Provide directions for completing job/project tasks.

High School Distance Learning Memory Book

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