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Business flyers are always fun for students to create. This resource provides COMMON CORE alignment with a digital rubric and a Microsoft WORD reference tips worksheet.



This fun lesson focuses on students creating marketing flyers in Microsoft Office WORD, while learning about content marketing.

The students will have the opportunity to create a dance flyer to inform others about the upcoming pretend dance at the school. This lesson could be for students that have already learned the basics of Microsoft WORD and/or students that are new to Microsoft WORD. Students will follow all the specific steps on the rubric to understand the overall expectation.



• Computer

• Internet

• Content Marketing Notes

• Catchy Marketing Phrases Reference Worksheet

• Microsoft WORD Tips Reference Worksheet

• Dance Marketing Flyer Rubric



2 days for students that already know the basics of Microsoft WORD and 3 days for new students.



  • Students will learn about the pretend upcoming school dance and the specifics for the event.
  • Students will learn the basics of Microsoft Office WORD and/or review the basics of Microsoft WORD and incorporate it into a fun classroom activity that will summarize the dance marketing flyer.
  • Students will take notes and learn about content marketing and complete a class activity on the dry erase board.
  • Students will review the catchy marketing phrases and add five to their dance marketing flyer.
  • Students will review the dance marketing flyer rubric expectations and check off the tasks when they complete them.
  • Students will create a dance marketing flyer that summarizes the dance event and provide colors, pictures, page borders, shapes, tables, bolding, italicizing, text, font, font size, text boxes, shading, alignment, centering, gradient, and text box line weight.
  • Students will complete the dance marketing flyer and print them out to hang around the classroom.

Halloween Dance Content Marketing Flyer

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