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This first unit of Teaching Career Exploration help students expand their self-knowledge in order to explore careers that fit their learning style, interests, strengths, and abilities. It is imperative that students begin exploring careers by increasing their self-awareness.

Assignment A is a Career Map Report. Introduce and review Assignment A at the beginning of the unit, but do not have students complete it until after Lessons 1-7. All the lessons in Unit A build toward the completion of Assignment A. A Career Map Report asks students to summarize and reflect on the results of a series of

assessments, meant to guide them toward deeper self-understanding. By the end of the unit, they will have completed their Career Map Report and presented it to their parent or guardian. This is an important step because students do not journey through education or careers alone.

There are several smaller assignments within this unit, each appearing before the lesson that addresses the assignment. In addition to learning more about themselves through career, personality, and learning style assessments, students will learn how to create a PowerPoint slide show, give an oral presentation, learn to create tables in Microsoft Word, learn to track data, and create graphs in Microsoft Word—all important business and technology skills for their futures.


Here's a Table of Contents from the entire curriculum guide:


234 pages of "REAL WORLD" ready-to-use lesson plans, warm-ups, worksheets, group activities, role-plays, assignments, rubrics, and assessments at your fingertips.


UNIT A - Career Exploration

  • Career Mapping- Summative Assessment
  • Career Assessments
  • Researching Jobs - Summative Assessment
  • Career research slide show and PowerPoint presentation
  • Career Research Graphing - Summative Assessment
  • High School Learning Plan - Summative Assessment
  • Summative Paddle Game Review
  • Career Map Parent presentation Role-Play - Summative Assessment
  • Career Map Presentations
  • Final Exam with Answer Key


UNIT B - Job Applications

  • Job Application Packet and Interview - Summative Assessment
  • Researching Job Opportunities
  • Resume Writing - Summative Assessment
  • Cover Letter Writing - Summative Assessment
  • Job Application Follow-up Email
  • Job Interview Questions and Answers - Summative Assessment
  • Job Interview Preparation
  • Company Profile PowerPoint Slide Show - Summative Assessment
  • Company Profile Presentation
  • Mock Interview - Summative Assessment
  • Final Exam with Answer Key


UNIT C - Personal Finance

  • Personal Finance Reflection - Summative Assessment
  • Understanding Income
  • Understanding Expenses
  • Creating a Balanced Budge
  • Final Exam with Answer Key
  • Course Conclusion


It’s important to keep students focused on exploring careers during this unit. It is not imperative for them to find their one right or perfect career at this time. They should be asked to question their previous assumptions about themselves, their imagined careers, and their yet undiscovered abilities and talents. They should also be encouraged to conduct research and talk to experts to gain insight into real careers.

The ultimate purpose of this unit is to expose students to career resources and encourage them to explore careers through their unique set of likes, strengths, abilities, styles, and desires.


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Praise for Eva Foxwell’s Methodology and Outcomes


After having one child go through classes with Mrs. Foxwell, I feel she has prepared my child for real life experiences. She is an exceptional teacher. She incorporates real life situations into her teachings. When my eldest daughter went to high school and took a transition class for job hunting and working, the instructor was floored at what she knew how to do. She was asked where she learned how to do a résumé, to interview, and already knew how to start a business etc. The instructor asked my daughter to bring in the work Mrs. Foxwell had her do. After the instructor and another teacher reviewed her work, I received a phone call and was told that Jordan was even more prepared then what they were going to teach her. They said what was taught was at an extremely high standard and couldn't believe it was middle school. Proud BSS Parent


My son has had Mrs. Foxwell for business technology in both seventh and eighth grade.  His experience as a student and my experience as a parent have been nothing but positive. Mrs. Foxwell is energetic and engaging when introducing concepts and explaining ideas; her daily activities encourage students to apply their knowledge and make connections among ideas; and finally, Mrs. Foxwell’s projects take learning to the ultimate level, forcing students to evaluate their knowledge and create top notch projects and assignments. From the business technology perspective, my son is adequately prepared for high school thanks to such an amazing, dedicated, enthusiastic teacher. Proud BSS Parent

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