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These common core hands-on career lessons focus on student’s understanding the meaning of career vocabulary words; employer, employee, salary, and wage and then they take a quiz. Students will participate in creating a career business flyer that incorporates specific career information and utilize a rubric to understand the expectation of the assignment.







Vocabulary Words and Definition Group Activity Worksheet

Vocabulary Words and Definition Quiz

Vocabulary Words and Definition Quiz KEY

Microsoft Office WORD Reference Tips

Careers Cards

Career Research Worksheet Rubric



2-3 days



  1. Students will begin the lesson by participating in a real business team meeting.
  2. Students will understand the importance of specific vocabulary and definition words relative to a paycheck and the business world.
  3. Students will memorize the definitions of salary, employee, employer, and wage.
  4. Students will participate in a group activity attempting to memorize the vocabulary definitions.
  5. Students will take a quiz the next class with career vocabulary words and definitions.
  6. Students will pick a career card from the teacher to determine their specific career for researching.
  7. Students will research their career by utilizing a step-by-step worksheet.
  8. Students will complete a career business flyer by applying the rubric expectations.

Career Business Flyer

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