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We all know time management is one of the most challenging skills that ALL people have a difficult time with and that is why I incorporated these lessons into my classroom to prepare students in their every day lives. This is a sure WIN, WIN for your class.
Students will become familiar with using their time wisely as they experience this exciting and fun activity. They will have 4 rubrics to set the expectation. Students will be placed in groups of 3 to work together and accomplish the tasks that are asked of them. This lesson is one of my student's favorite activity and they obtain a tremendous amount of group social skills and overall time management knowledge.
Students will create and use a Weekly Organizer, and reflect on whether their time management improves over the course of one week of carefully tracking and scheduling their time. You can have students create their Weekly Organizer during one
class period, preferably on a Friday, then require them to show you their planner every day for the following week while you move on to subsequent lessons.
You can also make the weekly planner a homework grade to analyze and observe their activity throughout the week. Once students complete this lesson, they become more aware of managing their time more effectively and begin to prioritize the important tasks that need to be completed.

***BUNDLE*** Time Management

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