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These forms are a ****MUST**** for all students.
You WILL NOT believe how these 2 documents will make a huge difference when creating any type of presentation. The students feel more organized and excited to work on their presentation and they display such confidence knowing the steps have clarity and simplicity. They always communicate to me that they have never created any great type of presentation until now!!!
We all know students don't always pay attention to to other individuals delivering a presentation, so this observation form forces students to listen as they document facilitator observations seen throughout the presentation. IT'S A WIN, WIN, WIN for everyone. DON'T WAIT TO GET THIS!!!!!
This worksheet was created to provide organization for students when creating a PowerPoint presentation. I've observed over the years students struggling how to start the presentation and what information they needed. This worksheet brings clarity and simplicity when creating a PowerPoint.
It is essential for students to ask themselves the following questions before starting a PowerPoint:
•Who is my audience?
•What is the purpose of the presentation?
•How will I grab the attention from the audience?
•How can I get the audience involved?
•What do I want my audience to remember?
•How many slides do I need?
•Do I need audio or video elements in the presentation?
•Do I need to insert graphs or charts?
•Do I need animations and transitions on the text and pictures?
•When is the presentation due?
As a teacher we all know how students may not pay attention when their peers are delivering a presentation, so this form engages and occupies the students as they sit in the audience and listen. (It assists with reducing negative behavior tremendously and places the responsibility on the students to complete a task even though they are not facilitating)
This observation form can be used in all grades.
This observation form is not graded and the students in the audience document their feedback on the form and pass it to the student(s) that just finished a presentation. It’s a great way for presenters to receive feedback from a peers perspective and not just a teacher. Students must write legibly. (Me personally, I have my students write in cursive)
Simply print and cut the attached observation form and then distribute.
Each student must receive 1 observation form per presentation.

***BUNDLE**** PowerPoint Organization Form and Presentation Observation Form

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