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Why Good Notes Matter
Taking notes is a crucial part of any learning. No one can remember, process, analyze, and use everything they hear. We need notes to help us work with information, especially if it’s new. Also, the act of writing is a way to learn. Writing down ideas and information, even if it’s facts you already know, helps your body and brain retain information better.
Here’s a proven note-taking method that will give you thorough, helpful notes that you can actually use to help you remember information and connect ideas.
Why Organization Matters
  • Students must get organized and stay organized in order to prepare for the professional world.
  • Imagine your supervisor requests a form without warning—you will be expected to access it immediately. Or a colleague might require a piece of work to contribute to a project, and you will need to find it in a timely manner to contribute to the project’s success. At any time, you or a coworker may need to access financial data, emails, correspondences, transactions, bills, contracts, or any number of business records. It only takes a few minutes a day to maintain good organization both at home and in the workplace.
  • Because organization is a crucial business soft skill, binder checks will be placed among the lessons roughly every two weeks.
  • There are endless reasons that good organization should be maintained both at home and in the workplace.

***BUNDLE*** Note Taking and Student Binder Organization

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