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These lessons focus on the skill of Leadership, which actually involves several different skill sets. Effective leaders possess strong communication, empathy, collaboration, listening, humor, and many other qualities necessary to command attention, delegate responsibility, set strategic vision, give feedback, manage teams, and take responsibility.
Students will define and write about their favorite leader. Not everyone is a natural leader, and everyone has a different leadership style. Students are not encouraged to all become one image of a leader. Instead, they will explore and test their personality traits, character tendencies, strengths, and fears, to better understand themselves and thereby adapt to leadership situations and demands.
This lesson focuses on students researching leadership qualities and then writing a leadership poem about their favorite leader. It provides an opportunity to learn Microsoft WORD and understand what certain leadership qualities are important for a successful leader, while professionally formatting a Microsoft WORD document.
• Computer
• Worksheets
• Rubric
TIME: 3-4 days
· Students will research leadership qualities on the internet.
· Students will create a leadership poem by using leadership qualities.
· Students will create a Microsoft WORD document and learn to format a leadership poem correctly.
Great principals build a strong school community and students should understand the important role that principals are responsible for. Students will learn the responsibility as a principal by researching principal leadership. Students will be guided by a leadership questionnaire to obtain the research necessary to complete the task. This leadership activity provides insight on a future career.
  • Great principals are incredible listeners so they can take action.
  • Great principals display emotional intelligence.
  • Great principals take responsibility for school success.
  • Great principals focus on solutions to improve a situation.
  • Great principals lead teaching and learning.
  • Great principals hire, develop and retain excellent teachers.
  • Great principals provide positive student and teacher feedback.
• Computer
• Worksheet with questions
Student Objectives
• Students will utilize a questionnaire worksheet to compile information about a leader and as principal
· Students will either create a Microsoft WORD document with tables and/or print or write in cursive on the worksheet handed out by the teacher.

***BUNDLE*** Leadership Lesson Plans and Simulating Leadership as a Prinicpal

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