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The first week of school is crucial in managing your class effectively with, setting business etiquette expectations for the students, understanding attitudes, setting goals, following directions, referencing a success document and instilling fun with an icebreaker and activities. These simple lessons and worksheets truly set the foundation for success while communicating classroom expectations.


This mega bundle provides all you need for the first week back to school with your students. It encompasses lesson plans, worksheets and a lot of pertinent information, but imperative for the success of your program. This bundle includes:


Goals Setting Worksheet - People forget to set goals and this worksheet provides the opportunity for students to set their own goals and understand the path they are working towards. I have this placed in the student's organizational binder so when they open it up, they can be reminded of their future goals.


Your Success Worksheet - This document is very positive and important for students to understand emotional intelligence and want a better quality of life in general. This worksheet is placed in the student's organizational binder as a reminder to what positives ways they will choose for their life.


Business Etiquette Tips - We all know social media and electronic devices have limited people from communicating effectively. These business tips will make a world of difference in setting the expectation in your classroom.


Real World Icebreaker - The 4 P's are a lot of fun and it's a great way to get to know the students and the students to get to know their peers.


Following Directions - Ensuring students understand the importance of following directions so that tea and improve student performance and take students to a higher level of learning.


Attitude Lesson - The purpose of this lesson is to educate students on the importance of displaying a good attitude and how it affects performance on a daily basis.

The worksheet is simple and easy to fit in any curriculum, especially if you have various students with a negative attitude and it seems as though the class may not be responding to their peers in the most respectful way. This will enable the students to understand how an good attitude provides positive outcomes and will assist in advancing them further on life. This lesson is a WIN, WIN for all!

Attitude PowerPoint - Attitude plays a huge role in everyday life, especially the business world. This lesson is to be integrated after students complete the ATTITUDE lesson that is located on the Career Ready Education in the Classroom store. This guides students in assessing their own attitude and realizing that a positive attitude is crucial in all aspects. The PowerPoint rubric provides guidance on the expectations for the assignment.


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