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These common core hands-on business lessons focus on students learning the definition of stress, understanding how it can affect a person’s emotional and physical well-being and finding overall solutions to reduce and eliminate the stress.  Students will create a “STRESS” business flyer using a step-by-step rubric.


My published, Managing the Classroom guide allows teachers to create a student-centered classroom like a business, using manager jobs. It will help you structure your lessons in an exciting way as students apply business principles to any subject you teach in grades K-12. This education guide is revolutionary and will make a huge impact within your classroom and lead students to a career-ready future, while integrating restorative practices, economic development, and culture proficiency.


To create a real-world experience, I have added BOSS TIPS and MANAGER TIPS so you better understand how to communicate to your students in a business-like setting. You can review written testimonials and videos on my website:


High School Level:


Elementary Level:




  • Students will begin the lesson by participating in a real business team meeting.
  • Students will learn the definition of the word stress.
  • Students will participate in a class activity acting out specific physical and emotional stressors.
  • Students will take notes on additional stressors that may occur in their lives.
  • Students will review the Microsoft Office WORD tips reference worksheet.
  • Students will review the Ways to Reduce Stress rubric to understand the expectations.
  • Students will learn about catchy phrases to include in a business flyer and entice customers to want to read your flyer.
  • Students will independently work on creating their own “Ways to Reduce Stress” business flyer.
  • Students will participate in taking a test regarding the emotional and physical stressors and ways to reduce or eliminate stressors.   



13 Ways to Reduce Stress

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