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We all know electronic devices have diminished utilization of business etiquette skills. This lesson was created for students to learn how to effectively demonstrate business etiquette skills, in addition to creating a Microsoft Office WORD Tables document.



Students will learn 12 Tips for Business Etiquette and the crucial role that it plays for their future, as well as, create their own business etiquette tips in Microsoft Office Tables.



• Computer

• Smart Board

• 12 Tips for Business Etiquette Worksheet

• Adding Tables in Microsoft Office Reference Worksheet

• 12 Tips for Business Etiquette Rubric



1 class period

Student Objectives

• Students will complete a warm up.

• Students will research business etiquette on the internet and define what it really means.

• Students will participate in a team meeting.

• Students will understand the importance of business etiquette in the real world.

• Students will create a Microsoft Office WORD document listing their choices for business etiquette tips.


Students may receive assistance using Microsoft Office WORD with assigned peer mentors, when needed.


Guided Learning

· After the warm up, have the students bring their chairs to the front of the room in a semi-circle for a TEAM MEETING. Begin by having a discussion where you provide a role play with every business etiquette tip listed on the tip worksheet to demonstrate the most appropriate way to converse and live in the real world.

· Reference the ADDING TABLES IN MICROSOFT OFFICE REFERENCE WORKSHEET by showing the students how to add Microsoft Office Tables and provide them with the worksheet once they go back to their desks to begin working on their assignment.

• Review and pass out the 12 TIPS FOR BUSINESS ETIQUETTE RUBRIC with the students so they understand the expectations and they can ask questions if need be before they go back to their desks.

Independent Practice

· Students will go back to their desks and begin creating a Microsoft Office WORD document about their own 12 Business Etiquette tips that they feel are the most important. They can utilize some of the same tips that were given on the worksheet.

· Students need to complete a Business Etiquette tips worksheet in the same format as the copy that was distributed using Microsoft Office Tables.

· Students need to reference the Business Etiquette tips rubric to understand the specific expectations of the assignment. There is a section where students can place a checkmark in a box where they completed the specific criteria on the rubric.



Have students walk around the room and view other student’s business etiquette tips that they created in Microsoft Office WORD.


Formative Assessment

· What does business etiquette mean?

· What are some tips to effectively display business etiquette?

· How do you create a Microsoft Office Table?



Instructional Area: Communication Skills

MS.06.05: Identify sources that provide relevant, valid written material.

MS.06.04: Interpret relevant information from written materials.

MS.06.05: Apply written directions to achieved tasks.

MS.06.08: Follow oral directions.

MS.08.02: Utilize effective communication skills.

MS.08.09: Participate in a group discussion.

MS.09.03: Format professional documents.

Instructional Area: Information Technology

MS.14.10: Demonstrate intermediate word processing skills.

Tips on Business Etiquette

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