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*****ALL COMMON CORE ALIGNED***** This bundle was extracted from the TEACHING CAREER EXPLORATION curriculum guide:


It’s imperative for students to see applying for jobs as a process, not a one-time action. Research, preparation, practice, and follow-through are all part of applying for and securing a job, as are soft skills like interpersonal communication, body language, and time management (for detailed and engaging lessons, see my curriculum guide, Teaching Business Soft Skills).


Students will research and create a résumé and cover letter, tailored specifically for one position. Finally, students will research, rehearse, and perform job interviews, plus research a company profile. The Company Profile lesson provides students the opportunity to research a company and create a PowerPoint prior to interviewing for the job of choice. Here are the individual lessons that are included in this Mega Bundle:










Among the unit’s many important lessons, students will understand the importance of being well-prepared, professionally presented, and poised. Lessons will show students that a good first impression is built on many different, sometimes hard to define factors.


Overall, Unit B provides students with an in-depth and thorough introduction to finding and applying for jobs, giving them research, analytical, and soft skills necessary to influence hiring managers and position themselves well in a competitive job market.


Praise for Eva Foxwell’s Methodology and Outcomes


After having one child go through classes with Mrs. Foxwell, I feel she has prepared my child for real life experiences. She is an exceptional teacher. She incorporates real life situations into her teachings. When my eldest daughter went to high school and took a transition class for job hunting and working, the instructor was floored at what she knew how to do. She was asked where she learned how to do a résumé, to interview, and already knew how to start a business etc. The instructor asked my daughter to bring in the work Mrs. Foxwell had her do. After the instructor and another teacher reviewed her work, I received a phone call and was told that Jordan was even more prepared then what they were going to teach her. They said what was taught was at an extremely high standard and couldn't believe it was middle school. Proud BSS Parent


My son has had Mrs. Foxwell for business technology in both seventh and eighth grade.  His experience as a student and my experience as a parent have been nothing but positive. Mrs. Foxwell is energetic and engaging when introducing concepts and explaining ideas; her daily activities encourage students to apply their knowledge and make connections among ideas; and finally, Mrs. Foxwell’s projects take learning to the ultimate level, forcing students to evaluate their knowledge and create top notch projects and assignments. From the business technology perspective, my son is adequately prepared for high school thanks to such an amazing, dedicated, enthusiastic teacher. Proud BSS Parent


Business Technology at BSS has given my son real life, applicable skills that will help him tremendously in his academic and professional life, and have already been invaluable in the high school application process.  Eva Foxwell’s dedication to her students and genuine desire for them to succeed is incredibly impressive; the respect that she so naturally earns from her students truly brings out the best in them. Proud BSS Parent


I just wanted to take a moment to praise the Business Technology Program at Brandywine Springs School and its teacher Eva Foxwell.  The students are extremely lucky to have such an experienced instructor who teaches them many beneficial things that will help with all of their future endeavors. In eighth grade they researched prospective high schools and even had a mock interview!  My daughter was confident and well prepared for her high school interviews thanks to Mrs. Foxwell.  We are all very lucky to have her! Proud BSS Parent


Mrs. Foxwell gave my son a confidence I had never seen before! She established a trust with him, but with all her students. She was not just their teacher, she was and is a trusted and safe person they can go and talk to about anything! My son is now in high school and frequently brings up Mrs. Foxwell's class. He shakes the hands of others with confidence and speaks to others with conviction. This is all due to the way Mrs. Foxwell taught them. She gets to know her students (her kids) and their families. I have been very blessed to get to know her and very thankful my son had her as a teacher. Proud BSS Parent


Business Technology has given my daughter tools that she will utilize throughout her entire life.  The material is presented in a" Real World" way.  There are direct links made by class as to how this sort of organization and process will help them better succeed and achieve their goals.  For my daughter in particular, learning how to talk to strangers in a professional, confident demeanor was priceless.  She now feels more self-assured and I can see the confidence spilling over into other areas of her academic and extracurricular life. Proud BSS Parent


Mrs. Foxwell has brought real world experiences directly to our children. My daughter is a more confident public speaker, prepared for interviews, and has an understanding of day to day business such as balancing a check book and creating and maintaining a budget for both personal and business expenses.  I wish I had the same opportunities my daughter has had by being a student of Eva Foxwell and Business Technology at Brandywine Springs School. Proud BSS Parent


Business Technology is one of the few classes the kids take that offers “real world” experience—resumes, interviews, cover letters, etc.  I have had two children go through Ms. Foxwell’s curriculum, and it has been very clear to me how much she cares about her students.  When my kids tried to coast in her class, she was willing to focus on them individually, and she challenged them to excel and succeed.  It was very evident that she cares about her students as individuals and really wants them to succeed, not just in her class, but in life. Proud BSS Parent

MEGA BUNDLE Interviewing, Résumés, Cover Letter and Company Profile Research

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