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Finally a fun and engaging resource that provides a life skill that businesses are looking for in potential candidates that is rarely taught. These 3 lessons provide real world hands on experience for the students to comprehend what it would be like living in the business world and applying the necessary skill to succeed.



These common core hands-on lessons focus on student’s understanding the meaning and the actions of emotional intelligence, while engaging in group activities.

They will define emotional intelligence, research the characteristics and definitions and apply examples of actions to improve their emotional intelligence skills.


These are interactive lessons that students enjoy and feel excited learning in the classroom, that include rubrics and assessments. You can even use as a pre-test and a post test. It also incorporates a student-centered classroom where students feel they have a purpose a a place associated with their own learning.


You will see an arrow and the word TIP: on occasion throughout the lesson and that will provide you with helpful tips to better facilitate the delivery of content or simply remember a specific life skills example that I may use in the classroom. These tips will encourage you to feel more comfortable in adding real world business knowledge within your classroom environment.

Emotional Intelligence Lessons 1-3

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