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*****All curriculum guides are common core aligned*****


Eva Foxwell’s twenty years of business excellence has helped her create these curriculum guides that named her a Delaware Superstar Education Winner and a Teen Ink Magazine Educator of the Year.


This mega bundle is a MUST BUY and provides teachers the opportunity to integrate Career-Readiness in the classroom with REAL WORLD experiences.


Ready-to-use lesson plans, warm-ups, worksheets, group activities, role-plays, assignments, rubrics, and assessments at your fingertips.


In order to review all 4 curriculum guides, go to the Career Ready Education with the Classroom store and look for the education materials that say, "PREVIEW" for each curriculum guide in the series.



The first curriculum guide Managing the Classroom has 134 pages and I have outlined responsibilities of each job position that I employ in my classroom. I wrote each position in a similar style to a job description that one might find posted on a company website so that each feels like a real business position. Some positions are more intensive than others, so in certain descriptions I have added examples of what a student in that position might say and do as part of their job. It is important for you to review the responsibilities of these positions with the students. I use the classroom job positions model and it has been working effectively for years to parallel to the real-world roles. Positions include:

• The Boss/ Business Manager/ Teacher

• Communication Managers (newly added!)

• Assistant Managers

• Project Managers

• Quality Assurance Managers

• Marketing Managers

• Transition Managers

• Attendance Managers

• Scribe Manages

• Timekeepers

Modeling your classroom after a business requires commitment and dedication from all parties, but the benefits can be astonishing. Watching students take initiative, demonstrate loyalty, and contribute to a bigger cause can be very rewarding for all.


Teaching Business Soft Skills has 400 pages and offers 5 units; Active Listening, Leadership, Time Management, Problem Solving, and Issue Campaign. Part of the engagement and fun of teaching Business Soft Skills is using creative ways to give students real business experience. You can consistently reinforce business and professional behavior expectations by setting up your classroom itself as a business. You can assign or let students brainstorm and vote for what kind of business you want to imagine for your class. Assigning each student a specific and important role gives them a sense of responsibility and a stake in the whole class’ success. You can also choose to rotate positions after each unit to fairly

distribute responsibilities.


Teaching Entrepreneurship has over 304 pages and offers 4 units; What is an Entrepreneur?, Creating a Business Plan, Designing Business Documents, and Business Networking Event. This curriculum guides focuses on bringing business curriculum to life in the classroom with live role-play and scenarios. Giving students career-ready education in a student centered classroom prepares them to serve as strong leaders as they learn the fundamentals of becoming an entrepreneur. Students create a 20-30 page business plan, promotional giveaways, business cards, marketing plans, advertising plans, employee salaries, organizational charts, business flyers, floor room layouts, budget, product and service descriptions, mission statement, along with keeping up with the technology demands on the computer. Last but not least, they coordinate a real networking event to showcase their business plans. This event is one that students NEVER forget. Plus, this curriculum won SuperStars in Education.


Teaching Career Exploration has 204 pages and offers 3 units; Career Exploration, Job Applications, and Personal Finance. to help students expand their

self-knowledge in order to explore careers that fit their learning style, interests, strengths, and abilities. It is imperative that students begin exploring careers by increasing their self-awareness. Students learn to write resumes and cover letters, interview job applications, and personal finance. This class is instrumental is preparing our students for their future career.

***DIGITAL BUNDLE*** Career Ready Education Curriculum Guides

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