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If there are performance or behavior challenges within my classroom, I use this letter for students to understand the impact of their performance as if they were in the Business World. I of course am the Boss and the students are employees. The setting should be as if it were in the “REAL BUSINESS WORLD” in order for the students to grasp the concept of their performance and behavior. Reference my first curriculum guide that will provide all the management positions and you will learn about creating a student-centered classroom to assist with performance and behavior.



I was skeptical at first to administer this because I wasn't sure whether it would work or not, but did it work? ABSOLUTELY AND THEN SOME. The students are usually shocked and unaware of what happens in the real world when their performance and behavior are NOT up to par.


As teachers, we need to showcase consequence examples like this in order for students to obtain a stronger performance work ethic.


By administering this letter students will now have a new perspective and understanding of what would happen if they performed or acted in a negative manner at work. This letter has worked in my classroom 100% of the time and it’s amazing how the students begin to reverse their negative behavior and become a productive and focused student going forward.


Business Simulation Termination Letter for Students

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