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Students will complete weekly typing exercises to increase their speed, accuracy, and ability to touch-type. Use a website like or to test students and track their speed and accuracy.
Homework Keyboarding Worksheet:
You can set the number of minutes you want students to type, or the number of typing tests you want them to take online. You can also set the website they use, and how many days per week you want them to do their Keyboarding homework. Once they finish their assigned typing, they should PRINT the website’s results page that show 1) the date and time; 2) their speed, accuracy, and test results.
Why Keyboarding Matters:
In our world of digital communication, students need to type quickly and accurately in order to be seen as a professional. Hunting-and-pecking does not play well in the professional world. This is a skill built up over time, and with lots of practice to develop muscle memory. You can make it fun by playing music, holding contests, or using other incentives. You can also use this activity to re-focus students between lessons, or provide a needed break from an activity.
Keyboarding Contest
Each month, students can engage in a competitive typing contest in class. Touch-typing is an important professional skill that students should being practicing now. This typing contest will improve their keyboarding skills tremendously.

***BUNDLE*** Weekly Keyboarding and Typing Contests

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