build our

       community                through       

"Real World

Life Skills"



Our REVOLUTIONARY career - ready education         
programs and curriculum guides prove to enhance 
our economic development, restorative practices and
culturally proficient classrooms.

  • As an educator with over 29 years of Business and Education experience, the CEO of the Career Ready Education Foundation's business background combined with education has provided her the opportunity to step out into unchartered waters and publish career-ready curriculum guides that assists in improving economic development, restorative practices and culture proficiency within classrooms using REAL WORLD LIFE SKILLS.

  • We all know, electronic devices and social media play a huge role in limiting children and adults from communicating in the most effective way. We will now have the most applicable tools and strategies to assist in integrating career readiness and instill future success in the workplace.     


  • The Career Ready Education Foundation has researched ways to improve classroom management and institute a higher level of learning with specific career-ready strategies.      


  • The Career Ready Education Foundation has come to the conclusion that there is a gap with career-ready education and opportunities that exist where we can apply these skills at an early age, thus strengthening future career-readiness for our community.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

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