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Theodore Allen
Theodore Allen

Telegram .mp4 BEST

I am writing a telegram bot that searches for videos, downloads, converts mp4 to mp3 and throws it to the user. According to the idea, this audio file should be played everywhere. It works fine on the desktop, but it doesn't work on iOS or android.

telegram .mp4

This was really driving me nuts: It's important that the file extension is ".mp4".If you upload a video with ".m4v" extension you'll not see a preview window and the video is opened in an external player.

The binding now supports MP4 recording much the same way as the GIF and the telegram API allows the sending of mp4. Need some people to raise an issue on GitHub asking for the features to be added if it makes sense to. People are already doing it by calling scripts and such so thanks for posting calls that you have tested to work, always good when people give back.

I may have missed it, but I do not see a way to issue an API call straight through from the Telegram add-on (maybe that is a better solution than continuing to chase the Telegram API as it is changed). Do you have a way you send either the .gif or .mp4 files to an iOS device based upon rules?

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