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Theodore Allen
Theodore Allen

Femdom Training

Training his mind is just as important as his body. He will need encouragement. Constantly remind him how he's given himself to you and how you cherish the sacrifice -- but he needs this training to really become yours. Associating arousal with pain and frustration is vital.

Femdom Training

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The various levels will also open up your chance for other parts of training. Such has having your mate clean your pussy after peeing will ultimately open them up to water sports. You won't need to fully experiment with full out water sports but should at least push some boundaries to fully train your mate.

- The male sub is to participate in various training exercises during the year including but not limited to; ball stretching, cuckold and femdom hypnosis, ass dialation exercises, kneeling and begging position classes, blowjob and cum consumption lessons, humiliation and pain training, cuckolding as well as other various physical and mental conditioning exercises to learn to bring more pleasure and pay homage to Mistress.

Slave training in femdom is a very controversial subject and there are various opinions on how it should be done. As every serious topic, different people (Mistresses) has a different approach. Anyway, whatever methods that a dominatrix is using, the goal is always the same. Slave has to learn how to please his Domme and do whatever she told him to do. Time is one of the most valuable assets for every Dominatrix. This is why it is important to train a slave for a specific task and avoid waste of time in the future. No one wants to repeat the same things, again and again, especially a Dominatrix.

By following My guidance, My pets have accomplished enormous personal growth and improvement, all in the name of pleasing Me. I make it clear that I require a submissive to become valuable to Me for Me to desire to own them, which means that they have to have their life together. There is much kinky fun, but they are ultimately working towards earning their seat in My Empire. I have used My training methods to get My subs to lose weight, stop smoking, stop drinking, start eating better, and many other little improvements to their lives. The truth of the matter is that by forcing them to follow My path and start taking care of themselves, they are making themselves far more appealing to Me.

Fortunately, the pace was actually very slow, and I could get used to the gear and the heels. During my 5-minute acclimatization, Miss Gepard further explained to me the course of the training. So, I would run a total of 5 laps of 7 minutes each. There is a 3-minute break after each round. However, the difficulty factor increases from round to round. 041b061a72


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