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Social Chess APK: A Beautiful and Intuitive App for Online Chess Lovers

It's hard to beat the convenience of a smartphone. Anywhere you are, at any time of the day, you can pick up your phone and access everything that's connected to the internet. You can check your social media, read the news, catch up with your email.

Whether you want to improve your game while commuting or if you just want to squeeze in some bullet games while waiting in line at the bank, chess apps will make your life much easier.

social chess apk

We've selected the five best chess apps from and partners for your everyday chess needs: improving your tactics, learning critical concepts, analyzing games, playing against the computer and other players, and more.

The ideal coach companion, he plays with you and explains everything, step-by-step. Complete beginners are welcome; good for intermediate players too. While you play chess, he teaches, pointing out strategic ideas and helping with mistakes. There are also twenty five lessons, going in-depth into each concept with ample opportunities for guided practice. Dr. Wolf himself is friendly, gentle, and occasionally witty.

This app combines the wonderful world of chess with the magical world of mythical creatures, quests, and character customization! Chess Adventure for Kids by ChessKid is the perfect app for kids to learn, play, and get better at chess. The best part of it all is that a ChessKid premium membership gives you full access to all the premium features of this app, so your kids can enjoy two of the top five chess apps at the same time!

Just go to through your browser. The app doesn't have all the options that their website does and it's just better all around. To answer your question though, it could be a few things but uninstalling and reinstalling it usually takes care of the problems most of the time.

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If you downloaded a apk file (which is what androids run), to get it to open on your laptop, you'd have to download a program called bluestacks and then run it through that. That bluestacks program allows for you to run android apps on a windows platform.

Play chess against friends or random opponents online. Ten's of millions of chess games have already been played. Play fast chess with a clock, or play daily/slow/correspondence chess.DESIGN PRINCIPLES* Beautiful, clean, intuitive layout.* Features are chosen and implemented carefully.* Your privacy is respected. We will not spam or share any user info.* Game features are driven by your feedback.GAME FEATURES* Elo Charts & Per Opponent chess statistics.* Computer Analysis* Advanced features such as Conditional Moves and Premoves.* Receive push notifications when a game is updated.* Play even when there is no internet connection. Chess moves are sent later.* Play up to 5 chess games at a time, or increase it to 100 with In-App purchase.* Search for opponents by username, email, or we'll match you with a random opponent.* Claim Victory if opponent does not make a move in the time allowed.* Optional Takeback move.* Chess960* Analysis Board to work out your strategy.SOCIAL FEATURES* User Profile including picture, comments, etc.* Map view of your opponent's location.* Chat and Group Chat* Chat language translation* Browse your opponent's games, and their opponent's games.* Elo Rankings

Many apps can teach you to play, match you up with other players for online chess games to test your skills, and show you techniques to win more games. This article presents the best chess apps for iPhone and Android to help chess beginners learn to play the game.

There are other features of the app that can be helpful for new players. For example, you can play a game with a computer opponent, complete puzzles to test your knowledge and play chess tournaments. For chess beginners and advanced players alike, this free app is a must-have to play chess online.

If you like learning by doing, Chess Tiger is a great place to play chess on your own while learning strategies and moves. With this app, you can see suggestions for the best moves to make, what threats your pieces have, and you can move the game backward or forward to analyze it better.

Tired of playing chess in 2D? This app lets you play offline chess in 3D against a computer or pass-and-play mode with a friend. This app can be beneficial because you can see the chessboard from any perspective, as in real life.

This is another app where you can learn about chess strategy while you play. You can play without hints during each game or take back pieces to have your game rated. The game shows up in your tracked stats and contributes to your rank in the app.

In a game of chess, each player takes it in turn to make a single move. To take a turn, players must actually move a piece. Each chess piece has a legally allowed range of motion and must be moved in accordance with this range. Pieces cannot pass through other pieces of either color without being stopped or captured, with the exception of the knight, which may jump over them.

You can choose to play offline or you can compete against real people. You can also choose to participate in a category or option that allows you to solve chess puzzles. For this, you win the game by finding out a way to checkmate your opponent with the moves and pieces that you have been provided, despite the fact that the pieces on the board have already been changed.

One of the beauties of smartphones, and especially tablets, is how beautifully they fit traditional board games. The daddy of them all is chess. It's been rather brutalised by technology in the past, one of computing's pre-emininent challenges being a program that could defeat a human grandmaster, until, in 1997, Deep Blue finally felled Kasparov. It's a mighty achievement, tinged with tragedy.

15 years later, supercomputers seem like relics and you can buy a chess app called HIARCS Chess that wins real-world tournaments, dispatching grandmasters as a matter of course. There's a bewildering range of tutorial programs, problem-setting, and multiplayer-focused apps. Some even do all three. But if you just want to play the king of games against other people, then the best of the bunch is Social Chess.

Far too many chess apps use an elegant and universal set of symbols or surround the screen with hideous border trimmings. Social Chess keeps things simple and classy. Play is asynchronous and updated across multiple devices, games are very easy to find, push alerts can be turned on, and basically these are perfect conditions for royal pwnage. Pawnage.

Opportunities for odd openings aside, Social Chess is the best chess app because it's the simplest. Among obvious competitors, the app is more cluttered and expensive, while its free version has ads. Zynga offers Chess with Friends, meanwhile, which has a rather industrial look, freemium pricing, and no ELO. But if you just want to get it on against similarly-skilled opponents in one of history's finest games, no messing, Social Chess is what it's about. And if white opens with b4, surrender fast.

You face off in epic strategic chess battles in real-time. It additionally boasts innovative 10+ minute matches (Turbo Mode), 2v2 Co-op Mode, and the teamwork-focused Squad Clash mode (4v4). Create your elite formation from a roster of 50+ heroes and compete against 7 other players to become the King of the Board.

Combat systems in Chess Rush are far simpler. 50+ heroes, 88 standard chessboard. Feeling bored playing the game alone? Form a 2-player or 4-player team and join team matches. Communicate with your teammates and come up with a winning strategy. Set up your formation, upgrade your heroes and activate their combos, and make the best use of your equipment. You will need to purchase heroes and upgrades, create a team of heroes, and put them in matches.

Learn Chess with Dr. Wolf MOD APK is an attractive board game related to chess. Here, you will learn the rules of chess as well as the valuable experience imparted by Dr. Wolf. Everything is presented in a way that is easy to understand but very effective. You just need to pay attention to all the instructions to improve your chess skills.

Unlike chess games that only offer regular chess games, Learn Chess with Dr. Wolf also shares with you useful chess lessons, experiences, and tips. All will be conveyed through Dr. Wolf, the top chess expert who is highly appreciated by the chess player community around the world.

Accordingly, the whole process of playing chess will be carefully explained by this man step by step to help anyone learn and approach it effectively. After mastering the basic rules of chess, you can proceed to play it so that Dr. Wolf gives the corresponding instructions in real-time. From there, you can more easily see your mistakes and make more appropriate adjustments. No matter what your chess goals are, this game will be a perfect choice.

It will be subjective if you do not try to play chess with Dr. Wolf to assess his qualifications. Accordingly, Learn Chess with Dr. Wolf allows players to try playing chess with Dr. Wolf is free for three specific games. This process will help you assess whether his teaching style really suits your needs.

After finishing three games that you feel satisfied with Dr. Wolf then you can sign up for Coaching. Upon successful registration, you will be guided step by step through your chess-playing process. Typically, you can show good and bad moves through your moves as well as his. Along with that is a reason to make it easier for you to visualize the options available.

It would be great if you were coached by Learn Chess with Dr. Wolf to become a professional chess player. Whatever your level, skill, or desire, this game will be an effective choice. Believe me, even a famous chess master has learned knowledge in the early stages.

Fritz has been around since the 1991, and its chess engine has always been among the best. The latest version has even brought its best performances on mobile devices. The chess game for mobile devices has the same depth and chess understanding of the best chess apps for iOS and Android devices.


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