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Places That Buy Silver Coins

We can walk you through the process of selling your gold and silver and you get paid at the time of sale, no waiting and no shipping involved. You have no risk in - sell jewelry, coins, and bullion with us. We'll make a great offer with no pressure to sell. We are conveniently located in Overland Park just off Metcalf and I-435.

places that buy silver coins

We are highly rated silver buyers that will put your best interest first when you are selling your items. We will present you with an offer based on current market pricing and allow you to make a decision with no pressure. Joseph Diamonds is interested in long term client relationships and not fly by night business practices. You are working with a trusted partner when you decide to sell your gold and silver with us. Don't ship your gold and silver, come in and see us today.

American silver eagles are the official silver bullion coin of the United States and are highly sought-after coins by investors and collectors. Two versions of the silver eagle exist; a standard bullion coin and a proof silver eagle. They are legal tender coins and have a face value of $1. Silver eagles contain exactly one troy ounce of pure silver and are guaranteed by the U.S. government to meet the exact specifications of the coins.

All three of the above-mentioned coins are highly sought after; however, Morgan and Peace silver dollars typically have the highest premiums, followed by American silver eagles (more so for the proof silver eagles), and then pre-1965 90-percent-silver dimes, quarters, and half-dollars.

At the time of this writing, premiums on all of the coins are among their highest in recent years, although prices and premiums fluctuate daily and that may not be the case when the time comes to sell your silver coins.

For instance, all Carson City-issued Morgan silver dollars are considered low-mintage coins that sell at an additional premium, oftentimes many times the silver value of the coins. Other older-minted silver coins also sell at a premium: namely Trade silver dollars, Seated Liberty coins, and earlier coin types. Coin types minted prior to Seated Liberty coins include Capped Bust, Draped Bust, and Flowing Hair silver coins.

A&D Coin is a reputable silver coin dealer in Sacramento that will pay you cash for any and all silver you have. We are one of the best places that buy silver and pay you cash on the spot.

We buy all silver bars, silver coins, American Silver Eagles, silver rounds, sterling silver, 90% silver, junk silver, silver bullion, silverware, flatware, silver coins, silver sets, bag silver, wholesale silver, old silver dollars, foreign silver, $1000 face value silver, bulk junk silver, investment silver, we even pay cash for silver plated items and so much more.

We buy any and all silver coins such as: Old silver coins, silver world coins, graded silver coins, slabbed silver coins, mint silver coins, proof silver coins, Silver Coin Sets and other silver coins. Click for sell silver coins

A Silver coin comes in various sizes, from 1/25 troy ounce to 1 kilo, and every size in between. There are mints and refineries all over the world that create the best unique and valuable Silver coins. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced collector, you will find a coin that fits your interests. The most commonly purchased are the 1 oz coins, often bought by investors and collectors alike.

Do you need to buy or sell gold or silver bullion or coins? The Honest Gold Guy Spokane Valley is a local gold and silver coin and bullion dealer. We buy and sell most gold and silver products such as pure or .999 fine bullion, U.S. 90% silver coins, Canadian 80% silver coins, and more. We will be happy to meet with you and give you fair value for your gold or silver coins and bullion. Don't forget to get out any broken gold or silver jewelry and silver flatware if you are thinking about selling it.

We buy and sell U.S. 90% silver coins (aka junk silver) made prior to 1965. These would include dimes, quarters, half dollars, and dollar coins. We also buy and sell gold and silver bullion bars, rounds, .999 fine silver, American Silver Eagle coins, Canadian Maple Leaf coins, Canadian 80% silver coins, and more whether circulated or not.

While it's rare to find silver coins in your change anymore, some people do. Occasionally an old silver dime or quarter get's spent in change. The most likely find you'll have in change is the 40% Kennedy half dollar. These 40% silver coins were made from 1965 through 1970. They are still found in coin rolls as they look similar to the regular clad coins of today. We buy Kennedy half dollars, even the 40% ones.

If you have old coins, please do not clean them. Cleaning a rare coin actually lowers it's value as you may scratch or ruin the original surfaces or the natural patina. Old silver coins are expected to have some tarnishing, so that is okay.

All silver coins are valuable for their silver content. Most silver coins do not have much collectible value. Silver coins that have numismatic value are usually in uncirculated condition. We will give you a free appraisal on all your silver coins when we meet. The higher the silver content of the coin the more we can pay for it.

If you are ready to sell silver coins I would be happy to meet with you and give you a quote for each item. If you like my offer I will pay you on the spot to buy your silver coins, sterling silver, pure silver, or gold.

Previously circulated coins are just one of many forms of silver that you can sell at Houston Gold Merchants. You can also sell one of the most popular forms of silver on the market today. We buy and sell American Silver Eagles regularly at Houston Gold Merchants. These coins are considered one of the finest forms of silver in the world.

Although silver pays significantly less than gold, it is still a valuable precious metal. Items made of silver are usually larger and heavier. This makes them even more valuable. Houston Gold Merchants will give you the best price on silver coins, jewelry, and flatware.

They can be sold in various ways. Many silver dealers can be found online who will pay you according to the weight of silver, and potentially extra if the coins have a historical or scarcity premium. They will be able to explain the process, but generally, you will need to send the coins to them after agreeing on a price. These coins can also be sold at auctions (for highly valuable coins or large collections), at a local jeweller if convenience is a higher priority than price, or privately.

Online auctions posted by sites like eBay, may look like a good place to sell your silver coins, however, you may not get the best possible price. Your coins may mostly be purchased by dealers who will try to pay the least possible price to get a bargain.

You are likely to receive a higher price if the silver coins are in good shape. When you purchase your silver coins, ensure that they remain intact inside the sealed packaging. This proves that the coin has not been tampered with and usually, the sealed packaging also comes with a certificate of authenticity. This can ensure better prices for your silver coins. If you buy your silver coins from another collector, and they arrived without packaging, please ensure that you store your coins in a dry environment, so that they do not tarnish. When polishing your silver coins, make sure you do not use chemicals or abrasives that are likely to damage the coins.

Golden Eagle Coins specializes in a wide variety of Silver Bullion products. We handle all of the major manufacturers of silver bars. We stock an enormous inventory of silver coins from all of the major mints of the world. Feel free to use our site for all your indications of the spot silver price. Our quotes come directly from the commodities exchange and are updated in real-time.

The Washington silver quarter era spanned the years 1932 through 1964. These coins were minted in large quantities and the majority are valued based on silver content. Confirm your coin is dated 1932 through 1964 to identify a silver quarter. Quarters dated from the mid 1940's to 1964, if worn, sell at silver value.

Franklin half dollars are all 90% silver alloy. Minted 1948 to 1963 a complete series of silver coins. An average quality coins is visibly worn. Every date is valued at base silver value in this condition. These worn quality coins trade in bulk.

Any 1964 Kennedy half dollar with visible wear is valued at the base silver level. Both Philadelphia and Denver coins trade at the same level. The important consideration is to identify your Kennedy half as year 1964.

All of these old silver coins are examined, valued, and sold individually. Dates, mintmarks, and condition is a major consideration. Match your coin to the images and inspect closely before selling these silver coins.

In general, the older your coin the more likely you find higher value. US dimes, quarters and half dollars minted before 1916 if not heavily worn, all start to carry a premium above silver value. An example: As of 3/27/2023 Washington silver quarters are$3.86 the Barber quarter minimum is $5.55each. Both move with silver; however, the older Barber quarter enjoys a collectible premium. Sell these silver coins at a higher price.

If you have a small quantity to sell, visit a local dealer, it is cost effective, avoiding mailing expense. Conducting a sale with a dealer online is also very efficient. Both are suitable to sell silver coins.

Old silver coinage when properly evaluated is easily sold with confidence of receiving best value. Minimum silver value of each coin is a good place to start. Use this page as a companion page when judging US silver coins.

Interest of collectors is the base to coin values. Collecting sets of silver coins places demands on older series raising their values above underlying metal values. Popularity trends identify these coin series. 041b061a72


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