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Imagine Dragons - Thunder

So, the lyrics of "Thunder" aren't very complicated, and the song, in fact, only has three unique stanzas. The basic premise is that Dan Reynolds is taking us back to when he was a child and a dreamer. Back then, he dreamed of the amazing things he wanted to do and didn't let his peers (who didn't bother to dream) keep him back. The idea of the title of "Thunder" is that when he was a kid, he was "lightning before the thunder." He was dreaming--there was that flash of light--but the rumbling thunder of success was coming.

Imagine Dragons - Thunder

Those things aren't necessarily bad, and they keep me humble, but that's not what Imagine Dragons focuses on in the lyrics of "Thunder." The meaning of this song is all about that success that comes after the "lightning of wanting to be somewhere else." That thunder rolls in, washes over everything. Everyone forgets the lightning and can experience nothing else but that thunder as long as it lasts. 041b061a72

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