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Vizio Dolby Atmos ##HOT##

Hello, I have a m series 5.1.2 and feel live Ive tried everything to get this to use Dolby Atmos. I've tried multiple sources, Xfinity cable box with the correct settings and a Google tv, I have the height setting on, and am using content that is Atmos capable (Disney+ marvel movies). Yet when I go into the movie and on the vizio remote I go to setup>info, the speaker says "HDMI in, Dolby digital plus." I'm kinda at a loss, I thought first it was the HDMI cable on the Xfinity box, so I got a HDMI 2.1 cable. Still no go. So I went and bought the Google tv which is Atmos capable, still Dolby digital plus. I love this system but kinda wondering what I'm missing with Atmos. Any help would be much appreciated Tom

vizio dolby atmos



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