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Download File Teamkits.txt

Where do you get the kit images? A number of fan sites can be found online if you search for PES kits option files PS4 or some variant thereof. You may have to search around a little to find the most up-to-date kits for the current season, but now that PES 2017 is out a variety of kits should be easy to find. Warning: you'll be downloading data from the internet, so make sure its from a trusted source for your own protection. Images like competition badges and manager photos can be found anywhere.

Download File teamkits.txt


New this year is the ability to include 3rd and 4th variations for non-keepers. Most kit option files out there include uniform variations teams often use for special occasions, so it's great that PES 2017 now supports more jerseys.

1. First up, you'll need to install WinRAR or a similar program, or double check that your computer is capable of opening up zipped files. This helps to extract all the kits and logos that have been packed into a single, larger file.

6. Open the pack you've downloaded, and extract the files so that they're saved in the above folder. So if you're installing kits, make sure the extracted files are saved to the 'Kits' folder, for example. The folder path you'll see is: Your PC > Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2023 > Graphics > Kits (or Logos, depending on which one you're installing).

The whole team puts on their investigator hats with the singular goal of solving the mystery by reviewing case files and evidence, eliminating suspects, and identifying the motive. Each month, your investigative team will receive everything they need to unravel the case bit by bit.

PES 2017 players normally need a team license in order to avail the kit and badges. Fortunately, game developer Konami and the PES gaming community have banded together to provide the much needed paraphernalia to players with unlicensed teams via Option File Sharing. The free download however, is for Windows PC and PlayStation 4 players only.

First, players will need a USB drive and create a folder which must be named "WEPES". It's important to stick to this name otherwise, the download won't work. Use the PC to get the PES 2017 kit which could be obtain from a number of PES related sites or it could be downloaded here.

Extract the zip file after downloading it. Simply click and drag extracted contents to the USB's WEPES folder. Start PES 2017 and go to Extras, Edit and then go to Data Management, Import/Export option. Select "Import Team" and some text will say that the game can now import player images from the USB. There will cap limit warning but this can be ignored safely.

Simply select all files players in list and press next. Leave the "Select Import Team Data" and go to "Apply Player and Squad Data" option. Make sure that it's un-ticked before hitting the next button. The import process will begin but may take a while to finish. Save the game once the files have been imported.

The PES 2017 team badges and sigils will have to be imported manually by going to the "import image" option. Make sure to select "competition emblems" and get the correct size. Afterwards, tick the "import selected images" and pick all the badges you like. Player will then need to swap the imported emblem with the ones in the game. You can now play and enjoy the PES 2017. For those who are having difficulties with option file sharing process, here is a video tutorial. 041b061a72


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