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Whatsapp Image Magic trick

If you google for making such MAGIC images you'll find tons of methods like 3rd party apps but all of them are works as above discussion where there are two background of app where in preview they use white and upon zoomed in they uses black which can help us create illusion of magic.

Whatsapp image magic trick

but now I've figured out that there is no ISSUE in your file. actually I think whatsapp really fixed this so called MAGIC IMAGE's Source by using static background for all kind of images (transparent or opaque).

This is a simple trick!As you may check before, Whatsapp change image file extension to .jpeg even it is png,tiff or gif. If you open Whatsapp downloaded image in a binary app such as Notepad you will find the real extension. For this particular instance the exact extension is Png with alpha channel in lips area.

The trick is using Whatsapp feed background as image background and the magic will emerge. Feed background is white when the feed is posting from else to you, then you see the lips at pink color. When you maximize the image, background is black, then you will see the lips sexy red. When you share the photo to another one, the background is light green, then you will see the lips with green flavor.Bingo!!!

Thanks to this amazing iOS 16 update, users' dependence on third-party editing apps to remove background can be done away with. Primarily, this new magical iPhone feature separates the photo's background from the main subject. Later, you can save and drag the cutout image as a message in apps such as iMessage, WhatsApp, Signal, and more. As it comes with the iOS 16 update, that means all iPhone users including iPhone 14, iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone 11, and other supported models can try this magical trick. Here's a quick guide on how to cut your subject from the photo on an iPhone.

Shin Lim Magic, Shin Lim was on Penn & Teller's Fool Us. Shin Lim is Reigning World FISM Close Up Card Champion and is on top of the magic game. A self proclaimed, \"Sleight of Hand Artist\" Lim admits that he is actually not a magician, or a wizard, and has no intention of lying to the audience. He performs carefully choreographed routines rather than pretending to defy the laws of physics. With speed, finesse, and \"how'd he do that\" mystery, Shin Lim's tricks enchant not only physical audiences, but digital too.

There are lots of number tricks you can do by using math. You can give someone a particular set of instructions and calculations and their current age can be deduced. To them it appears as though you are performing a magic trick, but all you need to know are the instructions. The math will work every time. Another set of instructions can be given to get the month and day of their birth. You can also use math to appear to guess the age of a stranger.

As a child, he was always fascinated by the idea of the supernatural. It all started with a magic show that he once went to with his father. The magician and his tricks got him glued to the world of illusion and the idea of creating miracles like the magician he saw impregnated in his mind.

But being a conjurer is not easy. It has its own hassles and disappointments. Sometimes, it takes months to perfect a single magic trick. But one should always stay motivated and strive hard for achieving the moment of perfection.

He has conducted a number of shows all over the country and he has his own channel on YouTube. One would be simply left in awe of him after looking at his tricks. He has already proved his mettle and established his identity as one of the most innovative and the best magicians that the nation has.

The video shows the two of them churning out real items from images on iPad screens. While Chou stumbled on his trick of pulling out a poker card from the screen, Tsai, who has appeared on America's Got Talent, was smooth.

Chou was proud of his friend, going so far as to tag famed street magician Cyril Takayama - best known for his trick of grabbing a burger off a two-dimensional menu stand. He asked Takayama in his caption: "Hey @cyrilmagic is this your burger? Not anymore!"

Chou's love for magic is well-documented. The singer-songwriter, who even has a love song titled Mr Magic, has performed many magic tricks on television and, in more recent years, on his own social media accounts.

Open the Photos app > Tap on the Library tab in the bottom left of the display > Tap on the photo you want to edit > Click 'Edit' in the top right of your screen > Tap the circular magic wand icon under the image > Press Done.


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